Planning and Zoning Administrator

City of Shelton

Shelton, CT United States

General Description:

This is a very responsible professional administrative and supervisory position involving the Planning and Zoning Department. Work involves the supervision, management and coordination of activities of personnel involved with operational and clerical functions of the Planning and Zoning Department. Receives and/or reviews all incoming communications, filings and calls pertaining to matters of business concerning Shelton Planning and Zoning Commission and the Department. Reviews all applications, inquiries, referrals and complaints involving matters pertaining to Planning and Zoning, including but not limited to applications for occupancy and compliance certificates, subdivisions, applications for zone changes, site plans, amendments, signs and certificates of approval and compliance and related Planning and Zoning matters for completeness, response and potential submission to the Commission for action.

Refers to appropriate agencies matters requiring such referral, enforcement and coordination as required by Planning and Zoning Regulations and State Statutes, or as requested by the Planning and Zoning Commission. Keeps all other administrative and regulatory departments abreast of applications as received in Planning and Zoning Office.

Responsible for the management of the Planning and Zoning Department, its personnel and the day to day operation of the Department.

SUPERVISION RECEIVED: Works under the supervision of the Chairman of Planning and Zoning Commission on all matters dealing with Planning and Zoning functions. Works under the direction of the Mayor and his Administrative Assistant in all matters relating to the day to day management, operation, coordination of the Department and those matters which pertain to work rules and office procedures.

SUPERVISION EXERCISED: Responsible for supervising operational and office personnel in the Planning and Zoning Department.


Manages and directs the operations of the Planning and Zoning Department through its staff and administers, evaluates and reviews all applications for zone changes, subdivisions, site plans, certificates of zoning compliance and special exceptions for completeness. Refers and contacts other agencies to ensure collection of all data in preparation for formal Planning and Zoning action.

Processes applications submitted to the Planning and Zoning Department for consideration by the Commission, maintains logs on complaints; maintains records of permits, certificates and correspondence and prepares reports and memorandums for Planning and Zoning Commission and the Department.

Receives, maintains records and accounts for filing fees collected for applications filed with the Planning and Zoning Department.

Receives and reviews all applications submitted to the Planning and Zoning Department as required, including by text, map and electronically.

Prepares Planning and Zoning Commission meeting agendas under direction of the Chairman, legal notices, and referrals to adjacent municipalities and the regional planning agency. Prepares correspondence and reports. Drafts and reviews all legal notices and decisions, and drafts or refers to technical consultant where appropriate.

Manages and supervises all personnel receiving calls, inquiries and investigations, referrals and complaints from general public or applicants on matters pertaining to the Planning and Zoning function. Manages computer programs and systems used in the Department.

Works with property owners to resolve complaints, non-compliance issues, abatement orders and/or zoning infractions.

Administers the issuance of various certificates, approvals and letters of non-compliance where appropriate.

Reviews building, zoning, subdivision and site plans for compliance with appropriate regulations and informs citizens and/or developers on compliance with Shelton Planning and Zoning regulations and explains options available, if any.

Coordinates planning and zoning activities through related departments.

Participates in Mayoral staff meetings, and conducts and coordinates Department work sessions. Handles all administrative duties and day to day operation of the Department.

Supervises and/or conducts field inspections in investigating: applications for certificates of zoning compliance; in response to complaints received; and monitors activities which are in violation of the zoning regulations and/or approvals, including but not limited to inspection of ongoing construction and site compliance.

Attends all meetings of the Planning and Zoning Commission and other meetings where required.

Supervises and manages accurate files and records of all actions within the Planning and Zoning Department.

Supervises and manages personnel on the plan of conservation and development updates and other studies as needed.

Schedules, assigns and reviews work of subordinates and appraises their performance. Performs related work as required.


Must possess a working knowledge of Planning and Zoning functions. Experience in reviewing, maps, building plans, site and plot plans. Must know relationship of all City departments to Planning and Zoning functions and have ability to work with staff of said departments. Knowledge and ability to acquire proficiency of the Planning and Zoning Regulations, laws, general statutes and rules governing municipal functions of the Planning and Zoning Department and its administration. Knowledge and ability to acquire proficiency in use of computer programs and software used in the Planning and Zoning office. Above knowledge can be acquired by educational exposure or practical knowledge. Considerable ability in oral and written communications. Considerable ability to enforce Planning and Zoning Regulations with firmness and tact. Considerable ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with the Administration, the Planning and Zoning Commission, superiors, associates, subordinates, consultants, contractors, and the general public.


A four-year degree from a recognized college or university in Business, Public Administration, Urban Planning or related field or practical governmental experience in lieu of college; plus three years of responsible municipal experience; and two years of supervisory experience, or an equivalent combination of education or qualifying experience substituting on a year-for-year basis. Must possess sensitivity to the public and have the ability to disseminate public information in a clear, concise manner with patience. Must possess a clear understanding of the administrative role as expected of him/her in addition to the policy responsibilities of the Planning and Zoning Commission as vested by the general statutes, city charter, applicable ordinances and regulations.

This description lists only those job duties necessary for salary evaluation and does not include each and every job requirement.


Experience Level
Mid I (1-4 years)
AICP Level
Land Use and Development Regulation and Zoning
Salary Range
$77,468 - $92,224

Contact Information

54 Hill Street
Shelton, CT
United States
Resource URL
203-924-1555 1310