Town Planner

Town of Vernon

Vernon, CT United States

Plans, organizes, and performs professional comprehensive planning services in the functional areas of land use, zoning, housing, transportation, and related municipal planning areas; serves as principal technical advisor to the Planning and Zoning Commission, Conservation and the Inland Wetlands Regulatory Agency, and Design Review Commission; administers the Community Development Block grant program.

Oversees and performs work in the functional areas of land-use, general planning, and grants administration; oversees and coordinates the review, updating and implementation of the Town's Plan of Development; provides near-term and long-range plans for utilization of land and physical facilities of the Town.

Analyzes the economic, social and physical factors affecting land use and municipal development; administers, reviews, and makes recommendations on commercial, recreational, office, industrial, and residential development proposals; serves as Staff Liaison and provides narrative and statistical reports and services to the Planning and Zoning Commission, the Inland Wetlands Regulatory Agency, Local Historic Properties Commission, Conservation Commission, Capital Improvement, Design Review Commission and other boards, commissions and departments concerned with land use and development as needed.

Prepares studies and/or reports upon request of Board, Agency or Commission(s); administers, coordinates, and develops recommendations concerning land use regulations; administers Town Housing rehabilitation programs; prepares grants on behalf of the Town, including but not limited to Small Cities Grant, EPA Grants and Development Grants. Coordinates program assignments with Regional, State and Federal planning agencies as needed. Participates in the process of reviewing applications and plans for residential and commercial developments.

Conducts field investigations and inspections under varying conditions for planning studies and development applications.

Serves as Fair Housing Officer. Confers with attorneys, builders, and members of the public on planning and development matters.

Provides expert testimony in litigation affecting Town planning and development matters. Regular and punctual attendance.

Addresses public and private groups on planning matters; prepares and makes budget recommendations for department; administers adopted department budget.

Maintains and administers bonding requirements for development projects.

Develops applications for intergovernmental assistance; participates in professional planning organizations to remain current on technological and legal developments and change.

Attends other day/evening meetings on an as-needed basis.


Experience Level
Senior (8-10 years)
AICP Level
Land Use and Development Regulation and Zoning
Salary Range

Contact Information

14 Park Place
Vernon, CT
United States
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