Director of Planning And Development

City of New Britain

New Britain, CT United States

Directs and supervises the staff in the preparation, maintenance and revision of a comprehensive master plan and for the physical program community and economic development of the City of New Britain; directs and supervises staff in the administration of state and federal grants including but not limited to HUD and CDBG; has responsibility for the social and economic surveys and reports upon which such plan is based; Coordinator of the City’s Marketing Initiative and Member of the Transit Oriented Development work group; does related work as required.

  • Directs and supervises  a variety of  duties that include technical and professional work in the community, development, economic development and city plan
  • Works to identify, incentivize and leverage relationships between the city’s needs, financial institutions, community and business development.
  • Develops an economic structure and strategy and directs the Economic Development Coordinator to implement and coordinate the City’s “Business ToolKit.”
  • Obtains maximum financial support for the City through federal and state grant/loan programs including but not limited to HUD and CDBG.
  • Maintains working relationships with appropriate officials in agencies of federal, state and city government.
  • Establishes, supports and oversees the implementation of programs which improve economic and physical conditions in the City.
  • Oversees the creation and development of the agendas for City Plan, Commision on Community and Neighborhood Development.
  • Provides guidance, oversight and supervision to Department Supervisors/Managers.   
  • Maintains property value and optimum quality of life in residential areas through use of available funds on a loan or grant basis in order to stimulate an attitude and actions of self-help in homeowners to maintain and improve their properties.
  • Generates and/or participates in programs to condemn, raze and clear blighted structures and assess and remediate contaminated or environmentally degraded properties.
  • Oversight of programs for the purpose of assessment/remediation of contaminated properties
  • Assists in monitoring land and plant requirements of business and industry to facilitate expansion or movement with the City.
  • Attends meetings of city boards, committees and commissions whose decisions affect the activities or objectives of the department.
  • Participates in programs with the Chamber of Commerce, the Downtown District, Neighborhood Revitalization Zones and other civic organizations whose goals are the advancement of projects and programs that are for the overall benefit of the City of New Britain.
  • Prepares operating and capital budgets and presents budget requests.
  • Controls activity expenditures with fund allocations.
  • Appoints employees, technical experts and such other officers and agents, permanent and temporary, as required, subject to the provisions of Chapter 3 of the Charter.
  • Coordinates department with government agencies, contractors and interest groups.
  • Oversees coordination of operations with the department.
  • At Mayor’s request will be asked to attend meetings and be a member of local committees that will enhance the business climate in the City of New Britain.
  • Assists the Mayor as directed and performs such other related work as might be required.

Applications must be on file with the Civil Service Commission/Personnel, Room 409, City Hall, no later than Monday, April 5, 2021 at 4:00 P.M. Application forms may be obtained at the office of the Civil Service Commission/Personnel, Room 409, City Hall, 27 West Main Street, New Britain, CT  06051 or online at under City Services, then Civil Service, then Job Postings. Tel. (860) 826-3404. 

Experience Level
Mid II (4-8 years)
AICP Level
Economic Development and Revitalization
Salary Range
$110,000.00 - $117,000.00 Annually

Contact Information

27 West Main Street
New Britain, CT
United States
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