Director of Planning, Development and Enforcement

City of Meriden

Meriden, CT United States

Nature of Work

This is an executive position encompassing the direction of all the physical development of the City and the enforcement of all State statutes, City Charter provisions and Ordinances pertaining thereto. The Director of Development and Enforcement will have jurisdiction over the divisions of Planning, Building, Housing, and such other divisions as may be instituted for purposes of development and enforcement. Under the direct supervision of the City Manager, the Director of Development and Enforcement coordinates the functions of the various divisions to assure an efficient delivery of services to the citizenry. This is a professional position that administers the Planning Division of the Department of Development and Enforcement in all aspects of Municipal planning and Urban design principles and practices.

Examples of Work

Provides overall supervision over Urban planning activities including the enforcement of all laws and ordinances which pertain to land use, housing and building codes.

Working under the direction of the City Manager and in conjunction with the department heads, the Director plans and develops the programs of services to be provided.

Oversees the preparation of departmental budgets to provide services efficiently, effectively, and in a financially prudent manner.

Investigates major or controversial complaints; prepares reports; prescribes general rules, regulations and administrative policies for the departments involved.

Performs related work as required.

The Director of Development and Enforcement also serves in an advisory and administrative capacity to the City's Land Use Boards/Commissions (i.e. City Council, Planning, Inland-Wetland, Conservation Commissions, Zoning Board of Appeals and Design Review Board, etc.)

Advises and assists these Boards/Commissions in a coordinated planning program (Plan of Conservation and Development) and executes, presents planning and research reports with accompanying recommendations and other documents to Boards/Commissions at meetings and provides correspondence and other routine administrative functions for the Land Use Boards/Commissions.

Analyzes data, designs and modifies the Plan of Conservation and Development, reviews it with advisory and legislative bodies and other governmental agencies.

Prepares outlines of data desired, supervises and participates in the compilation of data, analyzes and develops specific plans for a variety of urban developments such as parks, playgrounds, and public recreational facilities, transportation facilities, utilities and municipal buildings.

Plans and develops the organization and methodology for projects; determines data to be compiled and statistical techniques to be applied; discovers sources of data; evaluates and interprets analytical results of such surveys as housing, population, land use, land need, employment trends, redevelopment and economic trends; prepares and reports on analyses.

Coordinates plans and projects, and conducts negotiations with municipal, state and federal agencies.

Reviews land use plans for compliance with proper planning standards and confers with developers regarding suggested and required changes.

Desirable Knowledge, Abilities and Skills

Thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of urban planning and urban design and related regulatory activities.

Thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of public administration including long range planning, personnel supervision, budgeting and coordinating a varied program of activities.

Ability to apply practical management principles and techniques to administrative functions.

Ability to write and speak effectively on the principles and practices of land use and pertinent regulatory controls.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with professional groups, community groups, other public agencies, and municipal officials and employees.

Experience and Training

Master's Degree in Urban Planning or a related field Preferred.

Certification as a planner by the American Institution of Certified Planners (AICP) is preferred.

Considerable experience (5 plus years) in a responsible administrative capacity preferably in a public agency.

5 plus years supervisory experience with a staff of over five in a municipal or public setting.

Experience Level
Mid II (4-8 years)
AICP Level
Other Specialty
Salary Range
$115,000 – $125,000

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